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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Your crawl space, although hidden, can greatly impact your home or business. A large percentage of the air you breathe in your building comes from the crawl space. If there is excess moisture in that area, your home may smell musty and you may deal with mold and mildew, causing health problems. A wet crawl space can also damage the supports, floors, and walls of your home.

In addition to mold and structural damage, a wet crawl space can promote pest infestations and negatively impact energy costs. Bugs, rodents, and other vermin need water to live and an overly humid crawl space will attract them. Some insects, like termites, only need an opening 1/64 of an inch to enter your home. If your crawl space is allowing moisture in, it is probably allowing hot or cold air to enter or leave your home, also, making your air conditioner or heater work harder to keep your home comfortable.

crawlspace encapsulation products for Danville, CA

Bay Drainage can help eliminate a wet crawl space through the use of crawl space encapsulation. Our expert installers will inspect your home and apply a waterproof sheeting throughout the crawlspace and any other waterproofing that may need to be done. Call us today and receive a free estimate for crawl space encapsulation in the Bay Area.

Vapor Barriers & Crawlspace Products from ECP

Bay Drainage utilizes Earth Contact Products for our crawl space encapsulation products. From dehumidification to vapor barriers, you will not find better solutions for crawl space problems. These products prevent mold, wood rot, and more. They also provide homeowners with a clean, healthy, usable crawl space. The vapor barriers are puncture and tear resistant and provide an excellent seal against crawl space moisture. They also provide a barrier against methane gas. To learn more about these products or to get a customized free quote for your crawl space, contact the team at Bay Drainage today. We are proud to serve Danville, CA and the surrounding area.