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Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is can be not only beautiful but necessary. A retaining wall keeps soil from moving into an undesired place. Even though they can add to your home's curb appeal, they have to be able to be strong and withstand the forces of gravity, water, soil and whatever else Mother Nature wants to throw at them. There are several methods of designing and implementing a retaining wall and it's not always easy to figure out the best one for your situation. Bay Drainage has the best people in the business. We'll come out and inspect your property and design the best retaining wall for your home or business. Contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bay Drainage and we'll help you have a strong and good looking retaining wall in no time!

Strong Retaining Walls

If your retaining wall is built carefully, with quality materials, it can last for decades. A retaining wall needs to be resilient, able to stand up to weather and the forces of gravity and pressure. Bay Drainage wants your retaining wall to not only look good, but to also do the job of keeping soil where it needs to be. Save time, money, and effort by having Bay Drainage take care of your retaining wall building needs.

Basalite Retaining Walls for Danville, CA

Bay Drainage uses Basalite retaining wall products for our retaining wall projects. These products are top of the line, segmental concrete block retaining walls. They allow you as a homeowner to creatively use yard space and define landscape areas. There are many designs to choose from and they come in multiple colors and textures. With our expertise and the great products from Basalite, we can help you create a beautiful space in your yard. To learn more about these products and to get a free inspection, contact us!

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